Note: the lecture and reading are to be completed BEFORE the class date. The assignment is to be turned in on the class date. The conference will cover the lecture, reading and assignment.

ClassDateWatch This LectureRead ThisTurn This InLecture PPTVideo 1Video 2Video 3
1Aug. 24Introductions, Class Mechanics, Networking ConceptsNothing!Nothing!Class 1
2Aug. 31InternetworkingMetcalfe Ch. 1, 2, 3, 4Assignment 1Class 2Class 2--Video 1Class 2--Video 2
3Sep. 7Internet AddressingCh. 5, 6Assignment 2Class 3Class 3 Video
4Sep. 14IP, ICMPCh. 7, 8, 9Assignment 3Class 4Video 1Class 4 Video 1Video 2
5Sep. 21UDP, TCPCh. 10, 11Assignment 4Class 5Class 5
6Sep. 28RoutingCh. 12, 13, 14Assignment 5Class 6 Video 1Class 6 Video 2
7Oct. 5Multicasting, MPLSCh. 15, 16Assignment 6; Exam Questions ApprovedClass 8 PPTClass 8 -- Video 1Class 8 -- Video 2
Oct. 12Fall Break! No class!No assignment!
Oct. 19Class Cancelled
8Oct. 26VPN, Mobility, DNS, StartupCh, 18, 19, 22, 23Assignment 7DNS, DHCPVideo 1Video 2
Nov. 2Midterm
9Nov. 9SMTP, Internet of Things, IOT VideoCh. 24, 30Assignment 8SMTPInternet of ThingsEmail, ignore TELNET
Nov. 16SNMP, WEBDav, HTTPCh. 27,29Final Exam Questions, Assignment 9HTTP, WebDav, SNMPSNMP, HTTP, WebDAV
Nov. 23Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 30FTP, Telnet Sockets, SecurityCh. 21, 29Project Paper and PowerPointSecurity, Sockets, FTP, TelnetSecurity, Sockets, FTP
Dec. 7Project Presentations
Individual SchedulingFinal Exam