Your final grade will be based on how well you do on the midterm, your homework assignments, the class project, the final exam, and your participation in discussions in class. The approximate weighting is as follows:


Approximate Weight, %

Midterm Exam






Final Exam


Class Participation


Note that the numbers don’t add to 100; they are approximate.

Please understand that “class participation” doesn’t mean attending class; it means participating in discussions, having done the reading in advance and being able to answer questions that are asked of you in class.

After you’ve been in class for a semester, and I’ve called on you and I’ve asked for people to answer questions, after I’ve sent email with questions and invited discussions, do I know who you are?   That’s what is meant by class participation.  It is NOT attendance.  If you attend and just sit there then you’ve earned zero of the 10% of your grade.

The final exam will cover all the material of the course. Therefore, it allows for the idea of redemption to be applied. If you do badly on the midterm but quite well on the final, then that is evidence that you’ve filled the void in your knowledge that made you perform badly on the midterm.