Final Exam Questions

HTTPWhat is the difference between PUT and POST?
HTTPWhat are the differences between PUT and POST in HTTP?
IPWhy is the UDP checksum different from the IP checksum?
IPHow is TTL used to prevent router loops?
SNMPIs the command from the SNMP control center to restart the same for a UNIX machine and for a Windows machine?
PINGWhat does a successful response from PING tell you about the machine that sent the response?
EthernetIs the Good Citizen Principle used by ethernet? Explain.
SecurityWhat is a firewall? Explain.
UDPWithout changing UDP, how could an application use UDP to obtain reliable communications?
UDPHow does UDP handle an undeliverable IP datagram? Is this different from other protocols? Explain
UDPHow would you change UDP so that it could provide reliable communication?
ICMPWhat happens if an ICMP message is undeliverable?
AddressingHow is a MAC address different from an IP address?
SMTPWhat are the key steps for SMTP to transmit a message?
SMTPDoes SMTP provide assured dellivery of messages to users?
DNSGive 3 important advantages and 3 important disadvantages of DNS caching.
DNSDescribe the step-by-step process of DNS resolution when a user enters a domain name into a web browser.
DNSWould you recommend changing DHCP to deliver the URL instead of the IP address of the DNS server?
RoutingWhen will the split horizon technique prevent slow convergence?
IoTHow can IoT devices use SMTP? Explain.
SNMPWhat is the role of the MIB in SNMP and how does it contribute to machine independence?
NAT Compare how NAT works for outbound and inbound communication.
GeneralWhy can packets arrive out of order?
GeneralWhat’s the difference between the roles of a router and switch in a local network?
GeneralSuppose you have to send an email to your aunt in ASIA from the us. Draw a diagram to show how the packets will reach its destination if NAT is involved on both ends. Show all addresses within the data that is transferred.
GeneralWhy is the Good Citizen Principle important?
GeneralExplain the soft state principle
GeneralFrom the standpoint of protocol design, what is the scarcest resource on the Internet?
GeneralWhy use port numbers when we could identify processes by the process ID on each machine?
SMTPWhat is the role of the MX record in email transmission?
IPHow does IP forwarding alter the original datagram?
EthernetHow does a switch reduce broadcast traffic and ARP traffic?
DNSExplain how a DNS poisoning attack works and outline measures that can be taken to prevent it.
VPNWhat are the comparative advantages and disadvantages of split tunneling and full tunneling VPN implementations?
FTPWhat protocols does FTP use?
FTPWhy does FTP use two TCP connections for a transfer?
FTPHow many connections does FTP use? Why?
FTPCompare active and passive FTP with regard to security and data transfer and NAT.
TelnetCompare Telnet and SSH for remote terminal access.
SMTPWhat protocol does SMTP use to transmit messages? Explain.
IMAPWhat’s the difference in server resource utilization between IMAP and POP?
DHCPList four items of information that a host needs upon connection to the internet.
AddressingWhat is the primary purpose of using subnetting in IP addressing?
TCPIn what scenario would UDP be preferred over TCP? Give a specific example.
VPNHow does a VPN contribute to secure mobile communications?
SocketsHow does a program specify a process to connect to?
HTTPWhy was HTTP designed as a stateless protocol?
ICMPHow does ICMP violate the layering principle?